Battlecloth suppressor pouch review

I recently ordered a suppressor pouch from Battlecloth for the can I have on order. I had it done in Crye multicam with a molle system as opposed to a belt clip/loop or an alice clip system which he also offers. I emailed him with the dimensions of the suppressor, color and mounting preference and he got to work. What I received in the mail was better than I expected it to be.

The pouch has an extra pouch for your ATF papers.

And to top it off, it looks great on my Larue/Hawkepaks Bug out Bag.

Fit and finish is fantastic. The Crye multicam is a really neat pattern without being overbearing. The molle loops and included malice clip worked just as they should. Absolutely no problems to report. Customer service was as good as it gets and I will absolutely go back for more. Thanks, Battlecloth.

If you like what you see (and you do) and you want some for yourself (and you should) you can contact him at:


Stay safe.


  1. That looks great. How will the cloth hold up to a hot suppressor? How much was the pouch?

  2. The cloth isn't intended to take a hot can. He added a note saying once you can handle it, the pouch can handle it. This is for a .22 can though, so I shouldn't have many heat issues. My pouch was a little under 40 shipped and that's made to my specifications. There are cheaper options when it comes to color and mounting systems. Very much worth the money if you ask me.